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10 tips for maintaining health and reducing back pain while working

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10 tips for maintaining health and reducing back pain while working

If you are a person whose new job requires work from home, you most likely use your laptop computer on a regular table, kitchen table, or on your bed. It is also possible that you are not in a healthy condition. If you do this only for short periods of time, you don't have to worry, but with the Corona pandemic and weeks become months, it is likely that the situation will last.

And if you already feel physical exhaustion, the bad news is that you may damage your body with a stunted muscular injury, such as back, neck, and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or even vein thrombosis.

Here are these ten tips provided by "Time" magazine so that you can maintain your health and reduce back pain during your work:

1- Place the computer in front of you horizontally

Keep your screen at a comfortable height, so you don't have to look down. If you have a separate screen or are using a laptop computer, you may have to place it on a stack of books or a box to lift it to a comfortable position directly in front of you.

2- Place your device next to a bright window

Until the chances of eye fatigue reduce glare, do not work with your back to the window because the light from the sun will cause glare on the screen. It does not work while you are facing the window directly because your eyes will be affected by light.

3- Show paper documents on a document holder

Do not read from the iPad, or place the paper on the desktop, because you will have to bend your neck and move your head up and down continuously, try to use a vertical document holder or place the iPad on a holder.

4- Sacrifice the keyboard or mouse at a comfortable height in front of you.

If you use a keyboard and mouse and raise the screen to the level appropriate for you, be sure to place your forearms and hands straight, and make sure that your arm is close to your body when using the mouse. So as not to wear the nerves of your hands and shoulders.

5- Do not use a armrest

It may seem to provide support, but putting anything under your wrists will put pressure on the tendons of the bending of the fingers and on the median nerve, increasing the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

6- Switch between writing / mouse and using the microphone for voice input.

Voice input is serious for most texts and emails. This gives your arms, wrists and hands time to rest.

7- Sit on your chair

Do not try to sit upright, and do not bend forward, such as a turtle. Ensure that you can sit comfortably on your chair to the keyboard and mouse. If the chair does not have a good support for your lower back, use a pillow or a towel wrapped behind your lower back, it is a cheap and better alternative than nothing.

8- Relax your feet flat on the floor or use the foot support

If your feet do not reach the ground, use a box, pillow or pile of books as a footrest. Don't put your legs back under the chair and don't let them hang in the air, as this puts pressure on the thighs and limits blood flow to the lower legs and feet and increases the risk of stroke.

9- Determine the time you work on your bed

The bed is the worst place to work, but if you must, put a pillow behind your back to rest it, and put a pillow on your lap to lift the computer. Or buy a low laptop table to weaken it over your legs so you can use it without straining your neck.

10- Avoid standing for long periods of computer work

There are many people who think that standing is the best choice for their body, but that does not mean that you are standing all day. Where standing requires more energy than sitting and puts more pressure on the circulatory system, legs and feet.

And standing for long periods increases the risk of varicose veins. So try to stand and walk every 20 to 30 minutes, stretch and move to promote blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

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The IMF expects America's economy to shrink 6.6 percent

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The IMF expects America's economy to shrink 6.6 percent

On Friday, the International Monetary Fund expected the US economy to contract by 6.6 percent, due to the shock of the Corona Virus pandemic.

In a statement, the fund indicated that the size of the US economy is expected to grow by 3.9 percent in 2021.

He pointed out that the recovery of the country's economy needs a long time.

He explained that the most important factor related to the seriousness of setting economic expectations is the return of an increase in Corona virus infections and the taking of quarantine measures.

In addition to the pandemic, the fund experts pointed to other risks facing the US economy, including increasing levels of government debt and corporate debt significantly with the possibility of low or perhaps negative inflation.

"There is gigantic haze surrounding the breadth of the Covid-19 economic shock," the fund said. "It will likely take a extended period to reform the economy and obtain activity back to pre-pandemic levels."

The US economy is the largest in the world and accounts for about 24 percent of the global economy, according to the value of gross domestic product.

The International fund last month cut its forecast for global output again in 2020 and predicted a contraction of 4.9 percent and a weaker-than-expected recovery in 2021.

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Why Does Trump Want a Second Term?

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Why Does Trump Want a Second Term?

It’s not unusual for Republicans to be less programmatic in their campaign promises than Democrats. Still, President Donald Trump’s answer Thursday night to Sean Hannity’s question about his plans for a second term was perplexing:

Well one of the things that will be really great: you know, the word experience is still good. I always say talent is more important than experience. I’ve always said that. But the word experience is a very important word. It's a very important meaning. I never did this before, I never slept over in Washington. I was in Washington I think 17 times, all of a sudden I’m the president of the United States, you know the story, I’m riding down Pennsylvania Avenue with our First Lady and I say, “This is great.” But I didn’t know very many people in Washington, it wasn’t my thing. I was from Manhattan, from New York. Now I know everybody. And I have great people in the administration. You make some mistakes, like you know an idiot like Bolton, all he wanted to do is drop bombs on everybody. You don’t have to drop bombs on everybody. You don’t have to kill people.

American Elections
Can you make heads or tails out of it? I’m normally inclined to give people the benefit of the doubt if impromptu comments don’t quite work, but it’s hard to make much sense of this at all. The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf tried to, and concluded that Trump’s “answer is basically that he's a Washington insider now and that should help.” But even that analysis explains nothing about what Trump plans to do, or even who he plans to be, in a second term. And in any event I’m pretty sure he’d deny being a Washington insider if asked. 

He doesn’t offer up “transition to greatness” or whatever this week’s campaign slogan might be. Nor does he remember that he’s supposedly running on a “law and order” agenda in response to the protests against police violence from the past few weeks, let alone any specific policy ideas.
The question I’ve been asking myself when I watch Trump’s campaign events, including his rally in Tulsa last weekend, is: What’s he saying that might appeal to those who aren’t his strongest supporters? Especially since some 55% of his constituents disapprove of the job he’s doing as president? Over and over again, I’m stumped. He doesn’t even seem to concede that he has any work to do besides reminding his most diehard backers of why they like him so much. As Paul Waldman asks in a slightly different context, “why does it seem that Trump isn’t even trying to win?”

That’s something I’ve wondered for a while now. Trump’s actions, both with regard to public policy and now even on the campaign trail, just don’t seem to make much sense if his objective is to win a second term. 

My best guess? He doesn’t understand the presidency very well, and he has increasingly hollowed out his White House and campaign staff, eliminating anyone who might’ve helped steer him in a more productive direction. There’s still time. But it’s hard to watch Trump’s 15-minute rant about the West Point ramp, or his incoherent answer about his second-term plans, and see how he’s going to take advantage of the next few months.

1. Julia Azari on the possibilities of a new political era and a Joe Biden presidency. 

2. Dave Hopkins speculates that 2020 might be the end of the myth of the campaign guru. I’m not so optimistic.

3. Alan I. Abramowitz finds that Trump’s rallies probably didn’t help him during the 2016 campaign. 

4. Molly E. Reynolds and Christian Potter on remote voting in the House.

5. And Anne Joseph O’Connell at the Monkey Cage on the firing of U.S. attorney Geoffrey Berman.

source: bloomberg

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Learn about 10 new occupations that have emerged as a result of the Corona outbreak


Learn about 10 new occupations that have emerged as a result of the Corona outbreak

Business Insider has published in its Spanish version a report in which it talks about the professions that have emerged as a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus worldwide.

The site said that many companies have realized the need to recruit employees specialized in innovative business in light of the easing of the general closing procedures and the gradual return of the economic opening. As a result, many professions have emerged around the world that can help skip this stage and eliminate the virus.

Mask industry

The site reported that before the outbreak of the Coruna virus, masks were not a necessity that people use in their daily lives. In Spain, for example, the use of medical masks is largely restricted to health care workers. However, wearing these masks is necessary and sometimes obligatory in the circumstances in which we live.

The site stressed that the uncertainty over the duration of the epidemic led many companies and individuals to enter the world of mask production. Therefore, many companies are considering creating masks for their employees bearing the logo. This means that we can soon see these masks popular in concerts and sporting events.

Cleansing the masks

The site pointed out that most types of masks used in the workplace are either of one use or should be disposed of after several uses, which made companies try to reduce expenses and cover the shortfall in masks. In this context, the American non-profit Ohio-based Patel found a way to cleanse the N95 masks, using hydrogen peroxide solution. It is a project expected to provide up to 1,300 jobs, and this initiative has been well received by the authorities.

job corona

Speaking of this work, Megan Stein of Patel explained to Bloomberg that "her job is to clean up masks that people who might have been infected with the Corona virus. When you hear this at first sight you will not feel good", but confirmed that she is proud of her work and feel With great support from her family and friends.

Track the impact of the Corona virus

With the easy and rapid spread of the Corona virus, the site reports, a very large number of specialists have tracked down people who have been in contact with someone who has the virus. Therefore, people who have come into contact with the injured are placed in protective isolation for approximately two weeks, awaiting test results or symptoms. In this way, a more comprehensive monitoring of the course of the infection can be carried out. According to economist at Moody's Analytics Dante de Antonio, this job can create more than 250,000 jobs with a salary of up to $ 25 an hour.

Beach organization

By summer, beaches are likely to see large crowds gathering, which could contribute to the virus spread. For this reason, provinces such as Andalusia intend to recruit three thousand people to monitor gatherings on the beaches and ensure that they comply with the measures of social separation. This job requires a level of primary education or work experience of at least 3 months, with a wage of up to 1900 euros per month.

Covid-19 tests performed

The site reported that the number of people responsible for conducting virus testing in Spanish hospitals increased when the infection reached its peak in Spain. Their role is to take a "swab" from potential patients, whether in hospitals, factories or offices, to ensure public health. According to economist Julia Pollack, "this profession is generally occupied by nurses and nursing aides, and they charge about $ 45 an hour in countries like the United States."

Temperature monitoring

Every time you go to the supermarket, enter a store, or travel, someone will intercept you at the door with the thermometer in their hands. This procedure appears to have become a "new normal". Many companies have known how to take advantage of this, as technicians responsible for monitoring the temperature of people are spread almost everywhere in crowded places to limit the spread of the virus.

Social Spacing Ambassadors

The site stated that it is not easy to comply with the new hygiene and safety procedures at all times. Therefore, several companies such as the "Cowell" hospitality group known to employ undercover buyers to evaluate customer service in different companies, launched an initiative to monitor compliance with social divergence recommendations and hygiene standards. The task of its employees is to verify compliance by various companies with mandatory health measures, such as social spacing or the use of masks.

Manufacture and installation of protective barriers

Masks and aqueous alcoholic gels are among the main approved methods of protection. But in recent months, protective barriers have become very popular with people, and have begun to be used in schools and shops to prevent the spread of the virus. Since they are made from transparent materials, they do not prevent eye contact.

Awareness and Warning about the risks of Covid-19 in the workplace

With the gradual return to work in offices after mitigating public closings, many companies have been forced to search for people to educate employees about the dangers of non-compliance with health protocols in the workplace.

Care for people with coronavirus

The site pointed out that although providing care to the elderly or the sick has a long history, a new branch of caregivers for people living with HIV appeared after the Corona crisis.

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