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Summer has entered and the mask makes you sweat .. Here's what you should do

CNN published a report in which it talked about how to prevent corona virus during the summer, specifically by wearing a mask on the face.

The report, which was began by saying, "The weather is hot, and you are sweating, yet you realize the dangers of the Corona virus, so you wear a face mask, and this is not easy."

The site quoted Dr. Ann Remin, a professor of epidemiology at the University of California, who said: "Never let yourself go and remove your mask. Since the mask is one of the most effective ways to prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus, it is important to wear a face mask and maintain social distance, but the most important thing is to continue By doing both things at the moment. "

So, if you have difficulty breathing while wearing a mask, or from the sweat on your cheeks, continue reading. You can survive the summer heat and ward off the Corona virus.

But why wearing a face mask makes you sweat?

"If you feel suffocated while wearing the mask, it may be due to the heat being trapped inside the mask," said Dr. Richard Winsel, a professor in the Department of Infectious Diseases at Virginia Commonwealth University.

He added: "The main problem is that when we breathe, we cool off our bodies, so wearing a mask can cause our bodies to overheat." In other words, if you can't breathe easily with your mask outside, your temperature may rise.

Winsel suggested that if you are struggling to breathe, take off your mask, and make sure that you can move away at least six feet from the others, sit in the shade, and drink some water.

If you feel dizzy or have a fast heartbeat, you should remove the mask and seek medical attention immediately.

Here are these tips:

Avoid times when the heat is as severe as possible

Rimin said if you can delay your exit until it is cooler then you should.

Avoid going out at midday. Because high temperatures and high humidity impede breathing through the mask. If you have to go outside, choose morning or afternoon times.

Choose substances that allow you to breathe

Your respiratory problems may be caused by the mask material. Rimen said: "The quality of breathing is just as important as limiting the spread of disease."

She added: "Cotton masks are preferred by many for their breathing and comfort. The cotton masks work well."

Make sure that you wear the mask correctly

If you are having trouble breathing, make sure that you wear it properly before you take it off.

"The mask should cover your nose and mouth, and it should fit snugly against the sides of your face, and be loose that doesn't obstruct breathing," Rimin said.

Bring another mask with you

If your mask is wet, it will stick to your face, and obstruct your breathing properly. If you find your mask has sweat covered, replace it.

Wear the mask as necessary

The risk of infection with a coronavirus is usually lower in the open air, as the wind can blow, and it can get as far away from others as possible.

Rimin added, that people with respiratory problems may hinder the mask from their breathing process, and Winsel said: "If you suffer from asthma, chronic lung disease, or any other respiratory disease, consider how heat and mask can change your ability to breathe." ".

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